Re-igniting the Beetle’s iconic personality and cultural relevancy

The Volkswagen Beetle was facing a sales slump, ignored by both the Boomer generation who first made it popular, and the new generation of Millennial tastemakers. Our goal was to drive sales growth by creating an experience that would engage both generations. The Beetle had not been promoted in a significant way in a long time, so our work was cut out for us.

Beetle Road Stories
Volkwagen Canada
Digital Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Web Design & Development

A branded musical tour

Partnering with Universal Music we had iconic Canadian musicians that resonated with our audience share their personal stories about the Beetle. These stories took the form of short videos users could interact with on the homepage of the site.

The results

Beetle Road Stories drove a massive 20% increase in vehicle configurations on and more importantly prompted over 170 verified test drives at Volkswagen dealerships across Canada leading to an 8% increase in sales.

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increase in traffic to
Tours completed
Tours completed
leads who clicked on ‘Book a Test Drive’
increase in sales vs. prior year
verified test drives completed

Virtual Tour

Users could take a virtual test drive of Canada’s iconic music venues. The test drive was built using Google’s Street View API and WebGL to render the environment in 3D. Street View snapshots were played back at high speed to seamlessly simulate the driving experience along the road-story routes. To ensure flawless performance across desktop and mobile, we created a custom algorithm to serve users the best experience based on their device and connection speed. Each model of the car was also shot in 3D, allowing users to interact with key features of the car before they started their journey.

The campaign was promoted exclusively through social, using Facebook targeting to identify people with an interest in music and in particular our featured artists.

User Stories

Users were prompted to share their own Beetle stories for the chance to win a car. The more stories and they shared the more contest entries they gained. Using a map-based interface users could very quickly submit their story, and through GeoIP technology were shown the stories that were submitted around their current location.

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