McDonald’s Canada has hundreds of thousands of lovers, followers & fans.

Similarly, McDonald’s French Fries are also the undisputed champion of the fast food world.

Looking to further reinforce brand loyalty and engage fans beyond the restaurant experience, McDonald’s launched a new mobile app to provide consumers with instant access to weekly offers, nutrition information and more. The challenge was to drive downloads of the new app while increasing overall social engagement on all channels. All this, while creating an unexpected and joyful experience for McDonald’s lovers that would drive purchase intent, brand engagement and reinforce good food attributes of taste and permissibility using their World-Famous Fries.

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The very mention of some of McDonald’s classic menu items is enough to get the saliva pumping and tummy rumbling. Especially when it comes to their fries. The fries inspire a fiery passion among diehard fry fans. To be successful, and get millennials to pay attention, McDonald’s needed to engage by tapping into their passion for McDonald’s fries. The fries no one can resist. The fries that just can’t be replicated. In Canada, there is a simple human truth that your fries never taste as good as stolen fries. Moreover, no one likes having their fries stolen by an unsuspecting friend.


With Fry Defender, you can enjoy ALL your McDonald’s French Fries worry free.

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Fry Defender to the rescue

To protect your fries, the world’s first French Fry security system was developed. Using motion detector technology and your smartphone’s camera, the Fry Defender app turns your smartphone into a state-of-the-art fry defending machine.

Upon detecting a theft attempt, Fry Defender sounds an alarm, your smartphone flashes and the camera captures the thief in the act preventing a fry crime, or “frime”. Victims where then able to report the attempted theft on multiple social channels by sharing captured photos from the app – shaming the fry thief and preventing future thefts from occurring.

Video and social build awareness

The campaign featured an introductory online video aimed at raising awareness for the Fry Defender app. A Tumblr page was created with the goal of that expanding the world of fry thievery; social content in all McDonald’s channels and the outrageous user-generated “fry theft reports.” The Fry Defender was also promoted on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with supporting in-store signage.

Getting novel with native technology

The Fry Defender app combines well-known native smartphone technologies in new and novel ways. Using the phone’s inherent camera functionality, the app detected the motion made by a thief stealing fries. Upon detection, a photo of the criminal in the act was taken and saved to the camera roll.

The Fry Defender was developed as a fun and easy-to-use feature add-on to the already popular McDonald’s Canada mobile app. The feature itself was accessible from both the home screen and main navigation. Once downloaded, the Fry Defender captured fry thieves and integrated with connected social media accounts for easy sharing. The bonus for new app customers was the additional menu, nutrition, and location features within the app.

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