Telling the story of downtown Edmonton’s future

In the heart of downtown Edmonton lies 25+ acres of energy. Soon to be a shopping, dining, luxury residential and event hub, ICE District was no more than a four-storey hole and a half-way built arena when the brand launched in July, 2015.

To provide a true sense of what the future district and its 25+ acres would become, and to support the sale of over 1,300 residences, 1.3 million sq. ft. of office and 300,000 sq. ft. of retail space, we needed to build awareness of the vision and scope of ICE District. Our strategy was to excite, inform and connect.

ICE District
ICE District
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We teased the brand launch with a 5-day #comingJuly13 campaign, with publicity driven by influencers and experiential activation.

On the day of the media conference announcing the new name, all materials were simultaneously revealed including construction hoarding, social channels, website, promotional videos, and advertising.


With the brand successfully launched, we developed a content strategy to sustain excitement. Leveraging an ecosystem of owned social channels, a network of influencers and partners, we developed branded content to celebrate milestones, announcements and the future state of ICE District.

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A CRM and social growth strategy was implemented to capture valuable consumer data and begin to build one-to-one relationships with consumers.

The Results

Post measurement for our launch week alone showed that we outperformed every brand metric by at least 30%.

Brand Awareness (Launch week)
35.4 Million
Editorial Impressions (Launch week)
Social Mentions (Launch week)
Email Open Rate

The Brand

As a modern meeting place, ICE District is larger than life, truly exciting and always on. The brand promise: the excitement of feeling fully alive. To express this core brand idea, we designed a unique creative platform using custom graphics derived from the project’s architectural elements and other symbols of excitement.

The Web Experience

Recognizing the vastly different needs of our key audiences, in 2016, we launched two web properties: aimed at consumers and aimed at business influencers and future tenants. To simplify content management, we built a centralized event calendar and content repository so that key information could be updated in a single location and pulled into multiple sites and mobile apps by API.

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