Canadian Tire has been a mainstay in the Canadian retail landscape for more than 90 years.

Despite being one of Canada’s oldest brands, Canadian Tire has never been the place you go for inspiration. Faced with new competition from hot, attractive brands like Target, the retailer needed a way to transform itself from a needs-based retailer to a source of inspiration.

Canadian Tire needed a way capture the attention of Canadian shoppers who might see them as outdated and not consider them for products beyond basic needs. The brand needed an unexpected and engaging experience that would launch it into the 21st century, while forging a deeper connection with Canadians everywhere.

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Celebrating the Canadian Way

Through in-depth customer research, we uncovered a single truth about the brand: Canadian Tire plays a vital role in the way we all live life in Canada. No other Canadian brand could own that. This insight became the inspiration for The Canadian Way – an interactive digital catalogue by and for Canadians.

Real people, real stories

We reached out to Canadians from coast-to-coast who were already using Canadian Tire products in inspiring and passionate ways. We aligned their personal story with the brand’s product story and created a new and authentic brand experience.

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From cities to suburbs, Canadian Tire stores are the common bond woven into our very diverse country. The Canadian Way digital catalogue has reimagined this unique brand story for Canadian Tire and Canada. The first two months saw:

page flips
return visits
average amount
 of pages viewed per visit

Interactive video content

We then featured real Canadian families and their unique way of life through interactive short films. These films provide consumers with a way to explore products as they relate to these authentic Canadian stories. Films included an immigrant family in Montreal who owns a bakery, and one about a hardworking, young family building their home in Vancouver.

Virtual product interactions

To ensure key products got the attention they required from consumers, users where able to engage with them through interactive videos whereby they could play with and explore the latest barbeques, blenders, mixers, patio sets and more.

Branded content

Stories about real Canadians and their passions were created in editorial format. Each one featured Canadian Tire products along with inspiring advice for the season. Stories included an urban gardener living off is own land and a former photographer who became a furniture builder and crafter.

Inspiring ideas and helpful advice

Beyond equipping consumers with the latest Canadian Tire products, we also featured inspiring ideas, recipes and content – all sourced from real Canadians. Every page of the digital catalogue became as an opportunity to not only inspire, but also inform. We filled The Canadian Way with helpful advice as it relates to the latest products for the season.

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