BCAA is renowned for its exceptional customer service

The team has won multiple awards including the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates award for “Highest Customer Satisfaction among Home Insurance Providers in Western Canada”. Unfortunately, their model was outdated and did not meet the needs of today’s technically-savvy consumers. Their existing website was non-responsive, transaction-focused and promotional heavy. The site was also difficult for content authors to maintain and keep current.

It was clear BCAA needed to better meet customer expectations across digital channels. Working in collaboration with Blast Radius, our strategy was to simplify, educate and guide consumers throughout the user journey.

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The first task was to simplify the site architecture and navigation, to help users better locate the information they needed. Additionally, buy flows were streamlined making it easier for shoppers to buy products and services online. The content team was provided with simple design components to aid with content creation.


Understanding that not all users consume content in the same ways, we set out to educate by employing both passive and interactive tactics. Users who prefer to self-serve were provided with a robust Solutions Centre where they are able to select the content that meets their needs when, and where, it suits them.

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Alternatively, a number of interactive tools, were developed for those users seeking immediate answers. Specifically, AI chatbots were designed to mimic BCAA’s exemplary customer service experience. Bots answer questions and guide users through the online experience, replicating human speech and conversational tones as though users are speaking to a real-life person.

The Results

The redesign has resulted in an improved user experience, enhanced self-service purchase journeys and buyflows. More so, it serves to better communicate BCAA’s brand distinctiveness and support their ongoing and award-winning commitment to customer service. Early reviews with the executive team have been wildly positive and the website to go live in August, 2017.

As the UX Strategist, I felt incredibly lucky to work as part of a team where everyone, from our designers to the marketing team on the client side to the developers, all kept the user top of mind throughout the entire process.”

Nina Belojevic
Nina Belojevic
UX Strategist
Increase in Membership Conversion Rates
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Solution Centre

By simplifying the site navigation, users can take action directly from the home page. As they move through the purchase process, additional product options are made available in context, to further streamline the experience. Users requiring additional assistance can quickly and easily book an appointment with a customer service representative or leverage the chatbot for answers to their pressing questions.

Buy Flows

Simplified buy flows serve to assist users in making purchase decisions. Friction is reduced throughout the funnel by providing contextual information and reducing the number of steps to purchase. The result is that users are able to purchase insurance with little to no effort, in just minutes.

Custom Content

A series of custom images were created for the website to further reinforce the benefits of having BCAA coverage for those unexpected moments you simply can’t plan for.

Further, animated videos titled Fast Facts were also created as part of the website’s Learning Centre. These entertaining videos serve to educate users on different types of insurance coverage and how each fits into their lives. Fast Facts were shared across social networks to drive interest and traffic to BCAA.com.

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